Welcome to the 4iBenefits Group, a division of the 4iInsurance Group. 4iBenefits was created specifically for and is dedicated to serve the needs Group Health Welfare Insurance. As an independent insurance agency, we can offer you all the best quality carriers in the market place so you can focus on your needs.

With many years of experience working for large insurance companies are experience helps you as the customer through the maze of Benefits and Regulatory Compliance to operate your Business Insurance.

Group Health Insurance

We are now developing, tailoring and creating solutions to each employer’s situation. Our consultants are ready to assist companies in developing strategies and implementing programs with the highest attention to detail and fulfillment.

Customizing employee benefit plans help companies attract and retain employees. We have been specializing in the design, delivery, communication and administration of employee benefit plans. We’ll help you asses your employee benefit needs, evaluate your goals, and work with you to determine which combination of benefits will serve your employees.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and issues. We are ready to be your advocate through the insurance muddle and let you continue to conduct business as usual.

Group Insurance, Dental, Vision, Disability, HRA’s, HSA’s, Wrap Around Documents. Group Travel, HR Resources. We have many services that can help keep your business moving and in compliance.


Medicare Benefits

If you’re approaching your “Golden Years,” our staff is dedicated to helping you transition into your very first Medicare plan.

If you’re a Senior and you already have Medicare coverage, you know that things change each year—networks, premiums, coverage, your needs. We want to work with you during each annual AEP to make sure that your plan selection continues to be the best match for your needs.

All of our agents have anywhere from 15 to 33 years of experience with health insurance. You can call our general office number, 412-200-2018, to schedule an appointment with the first available agent, email us, or contact one of our agents directly.

We are dedicated to bringing the best solution for your needs.

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