4i Benefits has a long-standing partnership with Migliaro Consulting & Event Specialists for Corporate Wellness.

Migliaro Consulting & Event Specialists works with companies to provide a variety of corporate wellness events that bridge the gap between employee wellness and productivity. From their Wellness Days to sponsorship opportunities, they deliver customizable, budget-conscience programs that foster employee engagement, increase morale and improve retention.


Migliaro Consulting & Event Specialists has formed partnerships with some of the best service providers around to ensure their clients receive the highest quality of services. Their recent national partnership with TotalWellness, headquartered in Omaha, NE, has allowed for high-level biometric testing for clients looking for quality on-site screenings. In addition to those tests, they are also able to implement the following (but not limited to):

  • Nutrition workshops
  • Work & Life Balance
  • Emotional & Mental Health
  • Ergonomics/Musculoskeletal workshops
  • Community events (i.e. Company participation in local 5K events)
  • Specialized trainings (i.e. Understanding your 401K)


Offering these types of services to employees has continued to pay huge dividends as it relates to workplace wellness. The ROI has yielded positive results on the backend when it concerns insurance claims. For additional details on services, clients and partners with Migliaro Consulting & Event Specialists, click here to view their Overview PDF, visit their website at www.migliaroconsulting.com or call 412-523-3547.

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